Zombie Identities

The world has been decimated by a nuclear war between the states formerly known as China, Russia and the United States.  Central governments no longer exist; zombies swarm the earth in search of brains to eat. Small groups of survivors have banded together in tribes, trying fight off zombie attacks. To protect themselves, survivors assume zombie identities. A few survivors have written inspiring haikus to deal with their fear.

A rival tribe threatens the well-being that your tribe, the Jackson 5, is eking out farming a small parcel of land, slowly rebuilding a local economy. The rival tribe, Maroon 5, has threatened to take your tribe’s land unless your surrender. Your tribe’s leader, Janet, has asked your advice.  What do you advise? Surrender? Fight? Negotiate? Preemptive attack?  Explain your recommendation using one or more theories, and then proceed to the next question about rebuilding society.

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Zombie Identities
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First, either choose a zombie character on-line to represent you and post the pic or link, or use the app “dead yourself” and post the pic, or write a haiku to represent your Zombie character. Remember, this is a zombie disguise to keep your brain from getting eaten!

Second, explain how you would react to the scenario above, using one or more international relations theories to explain your Zombie’s reactions.

Third, briefly explain your vision for international society (anarchy? cooperation?), using one or more international relations theories to explain your perspective.  What should the new international system look like? What will become of the zombies?


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