Yahoo Finance

In the introductory paragraph, identify Google company, the industry within which it operates, and describe its major business function.

Research Google company’s recent stock performance.Use Yahoo Finance to complete.

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Yahoo Finance
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  • Open Yahoo Finance and put in Google company’s ticker.
  • Print out a graph of Google company’s stock prices and the S&P 500 Index over a one-year period. To do this, click on “YTD” in the stock price chart and set the chart to full screen. You will see a “Comparison” button in the top left; click on S&P 500 to chart the market next to Google company’s stock price over the same period. Save this graph for your report.
  • Looking at your graph, see if you can find two dates that seem to be peaks or troughs. Find news on these dates relating to Google company and determine how the event(s) described in the articles impact the observed movements in share price.
  • To do this, go to News then narrow down the news stories to those pertaining to your firm on those dates that you had preselected. You could also simply do a Google search or other type of search to find news articles around the required dates. Find two articles. These articles must be from valid news sources—not press releases, analyst opinions, blogs, etc. Use only news from actual publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or other newspapers or business magazines. Provide complete citation information (Title of article and author, news source, date).
  • In a clearly written paragraph, describe these events and explain how the events impacted (or may have impacted) the stock price.

This project must be word-processed and the narrative should be no longer than one page (graph can be on a separate page but in the same document).


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