Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations

PLEASE READ- Try to include a paragraph or two in a discussion, conclusion, and application section. Do you see connections in your settings as a student or professional where you can apply these concepts. Which ones resonated with you? Why? How might you apply one or two of the concepts that resonated with you in each setting?

You will be expected to provide one annotation report for each week’s chapter reading assignments; that is, all reading should be summarized within one report.

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Writing Strategies and Ethical Considerations
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  1. What did you learn (key chapter highlights/concepts)? Summarize the main themes within each assigned chapter and integrate these themes within this annotation report. The first section should simply identify the main themes.
  2. The second section should Integrate the main themes among the chapters. What do they have in common (tip: read the chapter objectives as a beginning framework)? Do you see any connections with previous chapter readings? Explain. What is your takeaway?
  3. The final section should take what you learned from the readings and make direct connections with the videos and instructor notes. Are there clear connections? What are they?
    Think of the final section as a conclusion. Summarize your report and offer a final statement that explains how you see yourself applying these new insights within the context of your learning and/or profession.



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