Writing Skills in the Job Market


Prior to beginning this discussion, please conduct research and find the following:

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Writing Skills in the Job Market
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· At least two articles from the past seven years that discuss the importance of writing skills in the job market. Look for articles that report on research, are written by business leaders, or quote insights from business leaders. You may not use articles from “.edu” sites: these tend to be speculative rather than grounded in the current business world. You will be required to list the titles and URLs of your articles in your discussion post, using APA formatting.




In this discussion, you and your classmates will reflect on how important writing is in today’s job market. In this discussion, address the following topics in your post:

· Discuss the value of strong writing skills in the job market. Everyone knows that technical skills are increasingly important in today’s work world—but what about writing? Are strong writing skills still an asset? If so, why? ( 3-4 Sentences)

· Summarize the articles that you found and include your perspective on the authors’ views. Do you agree with them? Why or why not? Share links to the two articles, along with their reference information, formatted in APA style. 3-4 Sentences)

· Reflect on a field that interests you for a potential career. Will you need strong writing skills in that field? Why or why not? 3-4 Sentences)


Guided Response:

You must respond to at least two classmates in this discussion—use this discussion as an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, explore differences, and think critically about your assumptions. You are encouraged to share relevant audio, video, or images to your responses. (2-3 Sentences)






The value of strong writing skills in the job market cannot be overstated. Virtually any job today requires writing in one way or another. In order to find a decent job, you have to be a somewhat skilled writer in order to craft a presentable resume. Virtually every job also requires written communications via emails and memos as well. In order to communicate effectively, you need to know how to write effectively. For these reasons, strong writing skills are absolutely still an asset in the job market.


The Forbes article “Writing Helps Business Leaders Think Clearly” by Bill Conerly is the first article I found for this discussion. As the title may suggest, this article is about benefits made to the thinking process of business leaders when they engage in writing activities. According to the author, writing is an excellent way to organize information, fix mistakes and figure out solutions to problems in business settings (Conerly, 2021). In general, I agree with the views expressed by the author in this article. This is because I have personal experience with using writing as a tool to figure out the solutions to problems. I have found that when I am confused by something, writing down the facts I am sure of is very helpful in figuring out the things I am unsure of.


The second article I found for this discussion is also a Forbes article: “Why Writing is The Most Important Skill in Business (And How to Acquire it) by Jeff Bradford. Once again, the title of this article is pretty self-explanatory. This article discusses the various reasons why writing is such a valuable skill in business. One of the reasons listed is clear thinking, which is more thoroughly explained by the first article I found. This article also lists some skills required for good business writing. This list includes concepts such as use of good grammar, frequent reading, curiosity, empathy, and word choice (Bradford, 2019).


A field that interests me for a potential career would be finance. I will absolutely need strong writing skills for this field. This is because I will most likely be frequently communicating complex topics involving mathematics and economics through writing via emails and presentations. And the audience I will be writing for may not necessarily be able to easily understand what I am talking about if I do not use effective language in my writing to communicate these complex topics. It’s very likely that I will be writing quite frequently in the career field of finance, so my writing skills will have to be very strong.




Bradford, J. (2021, December 10). Why Writing Ability Is The Most Important Skill In Business (And How To Acquire It). Retrieved from  https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2019/01/29/why-writing-ability-is-the-most-important-skill-in-business-and-how-to-acquire-it/?sh=758f12a12fdf (Links to an external site.)


Conerly, B. (2021, December 15). Writing Helps Business Leaders Think Clearly. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/billconerly/2021/12/14/writing-helps-business-leaders-think-clearly/?sh=3a9db8af7a9d








When posed with the question, are writing skills still an asset in the job market today?, my answer would be a profound yes.  Greta Solomon(2018), former contributor, gives some insight in her article “Why Mastering Writing Skills Can Help Future-Proof Your Career”.  Solomon(2018) states that “workers can spend a third of their time reading and writing emails alone”.  (p2, para.1)  To be effective in communicating your ideas or persuading you reader, strong written communication skills are essential.

One of the articles that I read for this week’s discussion was from Inc.com titled ” Study: 73% of Employers Want Candidates With This Skill”(Moore.K., 2016).  In this article author Kaleigh Moore states, “According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 73.4% of employers want a candidate with strong written communication skills”,(p2, par.2). This article further speaks about the importance of writing skills sharing that “75% of employers noted that they wanted a stronger focus on written communication skills at the college level”.(p3, para.3).

The other article that I read was from Forbes Magazine titled, “Why Mastering Writing Skills Can Help Future-Proof Your Career”.(Solomon,G.,2018). In this article, author Greta Solomon shares the results of a Conference Board survey stating that “writing is one of the biggest skills gaps”. (p.4, par 4). This article also gives some tips to improve your writing skills such as focusing on your reader by asking questions such as: who is your audience?, How familiar are they with the topic?, What reaction do you want from them?. It further suggests asking yourself if you’ve let your reader know the response or action you anticipate? Lastly, ensure that your text is simple and to the point, free from jargon and frills.

I agree with both of these articles because I believe that to be a prominent  candidate for a position or a successful employee, you must first possess strong written communication skills.  Without putting yourself in the place of your audience, considering how they will interpret what it is that you are conveying, the reader may be lost.

In the role of Crew Leader in the manufacturing industry, strong written communications skills are essential.  Daily turnover reports need to be prepared for the next shift.  If these reports are clear, concise, and thorough the following crew may miss pertinent information to have a successful shift.  When writing presentations, without strong writing skills, I won’t be able to share my points or persuade my audience.

Solomon, G. (2018) Why Mastering Writing Skills Can Help Future-Proof Your Career,, Forbes Magazine, Aug 9, retrieved digitally from:

https://www.forbes.com/sites/gretasolomon/2018/08/09/why-mastering-writing-skills-can-help-future-proof-your-career/?sh=6b97e8a45831 (Links to an external site.)

Moore, K.(2016) nStudy:73% of Employers Want Candidates With This Skill, Inc.com Newsletter April 7, 2016, retrieved digitally from:

https://www.inc.com/kaleigh-moore/study-73-of-employers-want-candidates-with-this-skill.html (Links to an external site.)



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