Writing Process

List the steps in the writing process.

Name and describe the three elements that interact with each other during the writing process.

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Writing Process
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Provide examples of the different aims of writing.

Define genre, medium, topic, audience, and credibility.

Describe the four-part process of critical reading.

Explain how to analyze with a critical eye.

List the advantages of annotating a text.

Provide examples of logical fallacies.

Use mapping to narrow a topic.

Write a specific, manageable, and interesting thesis statement.

Explain the process of drafting.

Describe the characteristics of well-developed paragraphs.

Describe the differences between revising and editing.

Provide examples of genres of informative writing.

Describe characteristics of effective reflections.

List and describe the steps involved in the process of writing a reflection.

Provide examples of observations.

List and describe the steps involved in writing an observation.


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