Writing is Thinking

Why are we writing these?

Writing is thinking – by writing down your thoughts in response to our class readings, your brain is making connections and coming up with questions.

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Writing is Thinking
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These assignments will also help you participate in class by giving you specific comments you can make during our discussions, so please take some time to think about your answers. Don’t worry about grammar or formatting – just spend some time writing down your ideas!


  • Readings to Complete Before Responding:
  • Writing Prompt:
  • Where to submit:




– What surprised you in these texts? Why do you think you had this reaction?

– What is the rhetorical situation in each of these texts (rhetor, audience, purpose, and exigence/context)?



Please post your assignment as either a text entry, or a Word or PDF file to the assignment on Canvas. Also, bring your responses to class.


Here’s how I’ll grade this assignment


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