Write on one poem from The Essential Reibetanz

This essay is worth 20% of my grade in the course, so it is very important for me to do well on this essay. The essay has to be written about one of three topics which is provided on the first file attached below. My favourite poems from the book includes: Lewis bolt, farmer, Wendy, Sunday Morning Rasberry Picking, June light, Christmas Pageant,Kaleidoscope, Mel′s barn, The Vineyard, The hammer, The Gate, The love of water. These poems are includes in the second attachment. You have to use one poem, if you choose topic one or two. If you choose topic 3, you need to pick two poem( eg. Lewis bolt farmer and Mel′s Barn or The love of water and The Gate). The essay should be 4 pages, double spaced and it should be in MLA format.

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Write on one poem from The Essential Reibetanz
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