Write an argumentative essay: Social media has improved human communication

Task: Write an argumentative essay, approximately 2,000 words long,
following the process in Chapter 13 of our textbook. Your essay
should cite at least four reliable sources on the topic it treats. It should
be typed in 12-point font, and it should be double-spaced. Use the
information on MLA style in your textbook. (See pages 548-96.)
1. Begin by thinking about possible topics. Use at least one of the techniques of prewriting
we have discussed to decide on a focused topic that is important to you and has some
personal connection to your life. Do not just pick any widely debated subject in which
you have no personal interest. (See page 172.)
2. Next, consider the rhetorical situation of your essay to plan your essay, paying special
attention to the argument you want to make and the effect you want to have on your
audience. (See page 174.)
3. Then, do some research to explore what is already being discussed and debated on your
chosen topic. Take notes when conducting this research, so that you are building up a
database of others’ voices with which you can engage in your essay. (See page 175 but
also the “Doing Research” section of your textbook.)
4. Organize and draft your argumentative essay. Your draft should feature a clear thesis
supported by ample evidence, including quotations from your four (or more) sources.
This might take you more than one sitting, because it is a longer paper. You might want
to break up this work into sections. (See pages 180-81.)
5. After you have drafted your essay, revise it. This will require you to get feedback from
someone else—a mentor at the Writing Center, a friend, or a family member. Use the
feedback you receive to make changes. Some changes might be big. You might have to
eliminate entire sentences or paragraphs, or even rewrite the entire draft. If you feel there
is a problem somewhere, work to fix it. As you revise, consider especially the sections
on Revising, Editing, and Proofreading on pages 182-84 of your textbook.
6. The final step is to edit and proofread carefully, looking specifically for those errors you
know you tend to make.

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Write an argumentative essay: Social media has improved human communication
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