Write a Formal Report

1. You will write a formal report, an APA-style research paper about the substance or behavior you gave up. You must integrate peer-reviewed studies on counselor attitudes and empathy towards those in recovery. Be sure to include at least one article on counselor empathy with a self-assessment of your experience.  You must use Moyer and Miller (2013) (Links to an external site.) as one of your sources.  The paper should be a minimum of 1,850 words, excluding references, and should include the following elements. Note: All previous portions of this project must be completed. No research report will be graded unless the previous portions are complete. This assignment is worth 200 points.

2. You will create a formal, APA-style paper with a title page, a formal introduction with a thesis statement, APA-style headings to guide the reader through the paper body, a conclusion, APA style narrative and parenthetical citations throughout, and a references page.

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Write a Formal Report
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3. You will use at least two articles on counselor attitudes towards those with substance abuse problems and at least one on counselor empathy towards those with substance abuse problems to explain how counselors can help clients with substance abuse problems. Note, some studies explore empathy among those with a substance abuse problem; do not include those.

4. You will use the article on counselor attitudes towards those with substance abuse issues to support the thesis that counselor attitudes towards the client make a difference. Connect this idea to the discussion on empathy towards those with substance abuse problems.

5. You will explain how your experiences shed light on the need for counselors to be aware of their biases, prejudices and to be able to empathize with the challenges of total abstinence for clients who may have to give up a behavior or drug forever.


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