In order to receive credit for these assignments (in general) you must do a number of things:

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  1. Have a post of at least 250 words on topic.
  2. Contain one citation. (do not worry about this for the first assignment)
  3. Include the password I drop in the audio lectures (do not worry about this for this first assignment
  4. It must use one of the WRAITEC ( The goodthinker’s toolkit) letters as a tool to prompt yourself. 

How does one use WRAITEC? It is rather straightforward; pick one of the letters (such as R for reasons) and focus on the reasons for Aristotle making this or that claim. Any letter can be used, but be sure to be clear which it is you are using (at least for these first couple weeks of class).


What is a religion? What makes it special, and separates it from, say, a political affiliation, or being a fan of a certain sports team?

For this week, do not worry about replies, I am more interested in what you have to say.

Answer these two questions:

  1. What is a religion to you?
  2. Often we equate religion with belief in a deity, do you believe this is the case (feel free to state whether or not you believe in a deity, but this is not required.)

250 words minimum. Do not worry about replies for this week.



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