World Religion And Cultures

Question 1

FOR EXTRA CREDIT: Some point of interest from the term that you would like to revisit

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World Religion And Cultures
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Some aspect of the End of the world  narratives or creation narratives that interests you


Resubmit some essay from earlier

Choose one of the topics above, to answer (350 wds). You may use your textbook OR any other reputable encyclopedia or source. ALWAYS CITE your source.  To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation. Your response will be reviewed by Unicheck, the plagiarism tool synced to Canvas. Unicheck will submit a similarity report a few minutes after you post your assignment. If the similarity index is above 30%, please redo and resubmit your assignment after you cite the sources properly to avoid plagiarism.  Please review the PowerPoint slides explaining how to avoid plagiarism and post your assignment accordingly. Even a single plagiarized statement will not be tolerated.  APA writing format is required.

Question 2:

The End Times, Video Review


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