World Civilizations

Research Paper
Actions for the future in World Issues- 200 points total
This research paper is designed to develop your understanding of an issue or crisis in the world and a particular nation or region that is affected.  The skills you will be learning give you an opportunity to utilize the tools and methods of research as well as enlighten you to the types of issues facing people in a part of the world you are unfamiliar with at this time.  In order to properly complete this assignment, you must budget your time and keep up with the assigned deadlines.  We will visit the library as a class twice and you are encouraged to make use of its resources as well as the resources of any other area libraries to seek out the information you will need. I must approve the topic you choose to research.  It is possible for two people to work on the same issue, but they must apply it to different parts of the world.  The sooner you settle on a topic the more likely it will be available. I will provide some in class work time for the project, but you will complete the majority of this work outside of class.  If at any time you need my assistance of any kind, I will be available before/after school or during my free periods D and H.
Important: Some words of advice. Do not miss deadlines. If you miss a deadline the policy is zero credit. Since these deadlines are established well in advance the late rules for homework ½ off or rules for projects 10% each day do not apply.  This is a process that requires you to place effort in along the way and not at last minute. It will be obvious if you procrastinate as your work will reflect this and thus your grade will reflect your effort.

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World Civilizations
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