Work breakdown structure (WBS)—Gantt chart


For the Signature Assignment of the course, you will present your project plan document for the project you developed throughout the course, incorporating all feedback provided by your instructor You can use your own document format, use templates published by the Project Management Docs Portal supported by PMI, or use the following outline. In this document, you will provide all the key items developed in all previous plan and artifacts (checklists, stakeholder and risk register, cause and effect diagram, process flow and other arranged in sequence of process areas. Include each item using a heading to identify the item and brief sample content under the heading. As part of the introduction, reflect on how critical it is to have a comprehensive and aligned project plan with each interaction or phase, and deliverables to mark milestone completion.

Project Plan Outline:

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Work breakdown structure (WBS)—Gantt chart
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  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of the Project
    2. Executive Summary
      1. Company at-a-glance
      2. Project at-a-glance
      3. Business mission, vision, goals, and objectives
    3. Project approach—Discuss which methodology or standard followed (traditional PM lifecycle (TPML), agile approach, SCRUM technique).
  2. Project Scope
    1. Scope description
    2. Key milestones and deliverables
    3. Assumptions and constraints
  3. Project Schedule
    1. Work breakdown structure (WBS)—Gantt chart
    2. WBS dictionary
  4. Project Resources and Costs
    1. Project budget
  5. Stakeholder Analysis and Communications Plan
  6. Risk Register
  7. Quality Assurance and Control Approach
  8. Importance of Performing a Lessons Learned Exercise as part of Project Closure
  9. Final Reflection and Recommendations

Length: 25-30 pages not including the cover page.

The document must observe APA formatting specifications for citations and references using the most recent APA standards.


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