Wireless Network Security

Manfred is in the process of setting up a wireless network at home. If he can do it, he will get a brand new “tote bag” for school.

As he gets started, Manfred heads off to the nearest electronics store in order to buy the equipment he needs. He has a couple of laptops and desktops at home and he uses DSL for Internet access at home. Will you help Manfred with the additional details below so that he can get his much-coveted tote bag? Be brief and to the point. NO NEED for long, drawn-out explanations.

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Wireless Network Security
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1-What is the latest, most current wireless networking standard and what is the speed and distance coverage? AND, is it backward compatible to which standard(s)?

2-What should Manfred consider or implement in order to provide strong encryption protection without the use of an enterprise authentication server?

3-After the wireless network is up and running, what new, private, and secure service or technology can Manfred use to successfully connect his laptop to the Internet while sitting outside in his backyard watching a beautiful Ohio winter sunset?


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