Why Should Those Advocating for Change Care?

Nadler and Tushman’s Congruence Model helps practitioners in three ways. First, it provides a template to assist in an organizational analysis. Second, it gives one a way of thinking about the nature of the change process—environmental factors tend to drive interest in the organization’s strategy, which, in turn, propels the transformational processes. These, then, influence the results. Third, the congruence framework emphasizes that, for organizations to be effective, a good fit among all elements in the process is required from environment to strategy through to the transformation process. Fit is also necessary within the transformation process; this is a constant challenge for incremental change initiatives such as continuous improvement programs. An emphasis on the internal fit between organizational components often focuses on efficiency. An emphasis on the external fit between the organization and its environment is an effectiveness focus. See Toolkit Exercise 3.2 to practice examining a situation through Nadler and Tushman’s model.

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Why Should Those Advocating for Change Care?
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