Why does evil exist?

We often ask ourselves why does evil exist? According to Sherry (2020), the term theodicy gives a description on why our God, who is Almighty and perfect in every way, allows evil to exist in this world. This question has been asked over and over by many believers and non-believers, I am sure. After researching theodicy thoroughly, there was more clarification on the meaning and what the term entailed.

According to Sherry (2020), there are two approaches to theodicy with one being brought about from St. Augustine and one being brought about from St. Irenaeus. The approach brought about by St. Augustine is the one which has been most influential on people. St. Augustine stemmed the approach from what sin took place by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam to not take fruit from the tree, Eve did, and gave the fruit to Adam to eat. The St. Augustine approach sees all evil as a consequence of these actions according to Sherry (2020). The Irenaean approach is more of a developmental approach. It explains how Adam was still young and immature, and lacked any knowledge of the world and experience of life (Sherry, 2020). This approach stems the idea that with guidance, maturity, and understanding, you can develop towards perfection as God created you. These are the two approached within theodicy.

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Why does evil exist?
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Being in law enforcement, I think we have all somehow in someway experienced evil and seen it firsthand. We start questioning on how there can be so much evil in this world and why is it allowed to happen. Every time I start to ask myself that question, I just remember that not everyone in this world is saved. Some have never even picked up a Bible in their lifetime. I am far from perfect, I will never be perfect, but I do know where I am going when I die, Heaven. The devil is real, and evil exist. I think the only answer to questions raised by theodicy is to become saved. Becoming saved is forming that relationship between you and God and asking for forgiveness of all the sin and evil in your heart.

We ask again why does evil exist? According to Binkley (2020), evil exists because there is an absence of good. As explained in Genesis, Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden. Our human nature is to sin until we are saved. Even then, we still are going to mess up and have to ask for forgiveness. Evil will always exist here on earth no matter what. We just have to do our best as humans to not let the absence of good fade away.


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