Why Do Customers Choose the Brick and Mortar Store?

The purchasing option at brick-and-mortar stores depends on age, gender, and even location. The biggest reason that makes customers choose brick-and-mortar stores is the ability to see, feel and try out items before buying.

For women, namely fashion items, this is the first factor for in-store shopping. They want to talk directly to a sales representative and get more information and advice about products or services. For men, the ability to bring an item home that day is immediate gratification.

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Why Do Customers Choose the Brick and Mortar Store?
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In fact, help from a store associate is not an important factor. The core factor is the in-store experience, especially for customers under 35 and over 65. Because they have more free time available and they want to enjoy their life including shopping.

Next shopping object at brick and mortar store is rural customers. In spite of the inconvenience of delivery and return due to physical distance, they still don’t prefer shopping online. With them, shopping is a large family event. They can enjoy a shopping outing in retail stores, the mall with relatives, friends along with other activities such as have dinner, play game, have coffee, etc.

Customers don’t like paying extra cost even ship costs, so they choose to purchase at the store. On the other hand, they can get goods immediately instead of waiting for shipping. For unpleasant individuals, they also don’t want to face the hassle and complexity of returning unsatisfied items. Therefore, they go to the brick and mortar store to make sure that products being suitable for them.


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