Why Diversity and Multiculturalism?

When many people look at diversity and multiculturalism, they think that someone’s gender, skin color,

or social class shouldn’t matter. So diversity can help us with policies to prevent discrimination, while

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Why Diversity and Multiculturalism?
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multiculturalism can help us gain a deeper understanding of the differences between people. Hopefully,

over time, rather than look at diversity as attaining numerical goals or complying with the law, we can

combine the concepts to create better workplaces. Although many books discuss laws relating to diversity,

not many actually describe why diversity is necessary in the workplace. Here are a few main reasons:

1. It is the law.

2. We can better serve customers by offering a broader range of services, such as being able to speak

a variety of languages and understanding other cultures.

3. We can better communicate with one another (saving time and money) and customers.

4. With a multicultural perspective, we can create better ideas and solutions.




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