Who should deploy American armed forces? Explain

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roughly 400-600 words.
• 400 words minimum: The word count does not include works cited, your name, date,
title, etc. with correct grammar and zero spelling errors.
• Discussion posts that fail to meet the minimum word count will receive a zero. No
• Throughout the entire post if you include quotations or paraphrase you must cite your
book and any additional sources you use/obtain your information from. These posts will
be periodically submitted to turnitin.com, so make sure that you cite everything properly
so that you do not plagiarize.
• As these are short assignments, the maximum number of combined
quotations/paraphrasing you are allowed to incorporate is 2.
o Block quotes are completely unacceptable.
• If you do include quotations or paraphrased material, you must use the following in-text
citation format:
o 1 Author: (Author’s last name year, page #)
o 2 Authors: (1st Author’s last name, 2nd Author’s last name year, page #)
o 3 or more Authors: (1st Author’s last name et al. year, page #)
While the post may ask for your opinion, I expect your opinion to be minimal.

Essay Instructions:

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Who should deploy American armed forces? Explain
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**After reading BTP Chapter 14 answer the following questions thoroughly:

Congress has the power to declare war yet it has not done so since the start of WWI. The 1973 War Powers Act requires the President to notify Congress within 48 hours whenever military forces are introduced into hostilities or situations where hostilities are imminent, and that foreign military actions are required to end after 60 days with a 30 day withdrawal period unless Congress has provided a declaration of War or authorization for the operation.

****Who should deploy American armed forces? Explain.
Is it “too easy” for a President to use the US military as a tool for achieving their foreign policy goals? Explain.
Does the War Powers Act serve any practical purpose? Explain.


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