Who are customers of the coffee shop industry?

Reading the case and answer following questions in 1-2 pages, single-spaced with minimum 10-point font. Coffee shop 1. Who are customers of the coffee shop industry? How much power do they have and why? 2. What are substitutes to this industry? How much price pressure do they exert and why? 3. Suppose you wanted to open an independent coffee shop, what are the barriers to entry? Are the barriers to entry high or low? 4. What barriers to entry have Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts created? Answer ALL the discussion assignment questions in your discussion memos. You do not have to structure the assignment as one continuous memo, but instead can separate it into sections to address each question. The quality of your answers determines your score (poorly developed answers result in lower scores; well developed answers receive higher scores). Your answer should be logical and supported by facts from the case or facts you research. Remember to put in quotations and cite any work that is not your own. (You can use any citation style, but you must use a formal citation style.). These are individual assignments, you can work together but your answers must be your own.

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Who are customers of the coffee shop industry?
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