What is the purpose of human existence?

The major world religions have answered, or at least attempted to answer, the following

metaphysical questions:

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What is the purpose of human existence?
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What is the purpose of human existence?

What does morality mean?

How does having a belief system provide psychological comfort?

What lies beyond death?

How do humans live a good life?

In this assignment, you will look at the metaphysical questions that the world religions

For cults to be successful, they must also answer the above questions. As we will see over the next few weeks, how cults address the above questions determines the longevity of the cults.

We will also see the treatment of these questions begins the delineation between ‘religion’ and


In this paper, generally, explain how ‘religions’ and ‘cults’ answer the above questions differently. Next, apply these metaphysical questions to the Manson family. What, if anything,

did Manson teach his family about these metaphysical areas? Finally, determine whether

Manson was a cult leader or mass murderer. Provide a definitive answer and fully explain your

reason for that answer

2-3 pages

12 font double spaced


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