What is Stoicism?



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What is Stoicism?
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For this assignment you only need to watch the video lecture until timestamp 14:22 and answer the questions Reminders: Don’t forget to cite evidence (timestamp) of where you derive your response, and to provide an explnation in your own words. Specific examples are very helpful and are a great way to ensure you answer the question fully.


  1. What is Stoicism especially characterized by? Its rejection of what?


  1. What does the stoic fear the most?



  1. What, according to the stoic, is really the only matter of concern? Elaborate.


  1. What are things or behaviors the stoic would disdain? Give a specific real life example that we would commonly encounter or perhaps even enact ourselves.



  1. According to stoicism, why can anyone be a good person no matter one’s position is in the social structure?



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