What is risk management?

Fennelly (2017) stated that the key to risk management is to knowingly determine an acceptable level, rather than unwittingly accepting it. In relation to security risk management, these decisions are based on the consequence of loss of the asset, the defined threat, and the risk tolerance of the enterprise.

For this assignment, you will research and expound on the following questions as they relate to physical security.

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What is risk management?
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  • What is risk management?
  • What is a Vulnerability assessment?
  • What is the difference between security and safety?
  • What is the relationship between risk management and vulnerability assessment?

Assignment Requirements

  • You must write a minimum of two paragraphs on each question
  • Each paragraph should have a different in-text citation throughout the assignment (Do not duplicate)
  • Every paragraph should have at least four complete sentences (This is the minimum)
  • Every question should have a sub-header (Bold and Centered)
  • Every paragraph must be indented
  • Do not continuously cite at the end of each paragraph.
  • You are required to write and cite according to APA 6th Edition format.
  • Your SafeAssign Score needs to be no more than 30%.
  1. Please ensure that you use the Individual Project Header for this and every Individual Project (IP) assignment
  2. Please proofread your work and correct all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors before posting your assignment
  3. The use of contractions and personal pronouns is prohibited
  4. You should NEVER use a conjunction to start a sentence
  5. All citations must be from credible sources
  6.  Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a low or zero grade.


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