What is Psychology?

Write a 1500 – 2000 words Academic Paper:

Part A What is Psychology? Why is Psychology important? Write a brief history of Psychology.

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What is Psychology?
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Part B Choose ONE of the psychological theories and the founder from (Part A) your brief history of Psychology and write 5 relevant significance of this theory in today’s world.

Submit this as ONE paper Grading Rubrics Make sure you follow my notes on Writing Academic Papers Use this Grading Rubrics as the outline for your paper and use sub-headings for each section. Part A Creative title (3)What is Psychology? (7)Explain 5 reasons for the importance of studying Psychology (15)Write a brief history of Psychology. (40)(Make sure you follow you’re the textbook and the class handout)Part B Creative Title (2)Introduction (5)Develop 5 reason for the relevance of this schools in today’s world (20)Conclusion (8)



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