What is Evil

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What is Evil
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You are preparing a 1-minute 30-second presentation on the rhetorical situation of a YouTube video of your choosing. The presentation will be graded using a 3-part rubric:

1: 33.3 points come from the length of the presentation. For every 3 seconds over or under 1:30 you will lose 5 points of this criterion.

2: 33.4 points come from the content of your presentation. It will be graded using the AP Lang Rhetorical Analysis rubric. It must contain a thesis, specific evidence in support of a line of reasoning to support a claim about the rhetorical choices and claims of the author, and it must be sophisticated. This means that you explore the significance of your claims and evidence.

3: 33.3 points come from the aesthetics of the presentation. The grade here is qualitative and assesses the quality of your speaking voice, the use of likes ums and other time wasters, the visual quality of your presentation, and tge proper use of MLA citations. Approximately 10 points for each category.



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