What is cultural competence in social work

Part 1 – what is cultural competence in social work? Use the NASW link (2 times) and the textbook to find the definitions. Then, in the body of your work, cite these sources. Don′t use quotes, but only paraphrase in your own words, then cite. Part 2 – interview someone in your family about their culture. Here′s how you find out about culture: What was the person taught to value? This list is incredibly long, but here are some ideas: work education family loyalty hard work religion or religiosity friendship industry money respect – for whom helping the community the male role as head of the family….etc.etc. The values are beliefs about the way things should be. Next: How do these values and beliefs turn up in the family as behaviors? If you value education, do you insist that your children go to college, get good grades, etc? Part 3 Then, using the same type of questions, interview another person Compare and contrast the two cultures Part 4 Conclusion – why is cultural competence important in social work (you can use the two sources again here, if you don′t have enough citations). Put all citations in the body of the paper (NASW, p. 15) or (Suppes, p. 79). No fewer than four citations

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What is cultural competence in social work
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