What is Art?

What is Art? Essay Assignment Instructions


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What is Art?
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The student will write a 1 page essay in current MLA format that focuses on the question “What is Art?”

Discuss in your own words and attempt to answer the question, “What is Art? Your answer to the question, “What is Art?” must be answered in a general sense. Of course, you may reference specific works of art as they relate to your answer.


Page Requirement: Your paper must be at least 1 page long and must include title page. A second page may be used if needed.

Authenticity: This paper is intended to be your own opinion regarding the question, “What is Art?” You are permitted to quote other sources as they relate to your own answers, opinions, and views.

Spelling/Grammar: Your paper must be written using correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

Current MLA Format: This paper must be written in your own words and any sources that have been quoted must be cited in accordance with the current MLA format.


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