What attracted you to your current organization?

Theme: Seeing an opportunity to be impactful. Key message: the work needs to be meaningful. Recommendation: Find ways to share the impact of the organizations work to engage this demographic in greater ways.

What initiatives are in place at your organization to attract first generation Americans, and how have they impacted you if at all?

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What attracted you to your current organization?
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Theme: All said that there were no first-generation American initiatives in place, didn’t feel impacted by it but see the benefit of guidance. The message: several of the first-generation Americans didn’t see a lack of first generation recruiting or exploration of in the workplace as a negative thing. Recommendation: continue to treat these individuals as you would anyone else, with equality and respect.

How is your unique experience leveraged by your current organization?

Theme: Bi-lingual ability. The message: it’s a net positive for first generation Americans to use this skill when they can. Recommendation: find greater opportunities for this skill to be utilized by the first-generation Americans in the organization, internally and externally.

What efforts does your organization make in inclusion of first-generation Americans, both in hiring and cultural exploration?

Theme: None that they know of, but don’t see it as a bad thing. Key Message: They want to be hired and work along side individuals that are the best qualified. Their background doesn’t matter. Recommendation: Organizations should be considerate sensitive to the desires of this demographic to showcase their culture in the organization, but ultimately follow their lead.

Are your professional motivators different from that of multigenerational American?

Theme: Yes, generally motivated by the struggle of their parents and feeling the need to do better. Key message: These individuals are motivated by their family ties and sacrifices that they were intimately aware of growing up. Recommendation: Appreciate and communicate employment as a means towards personal and family betterment, rather than just monetary gain.

What is something that your organization needs to know about you to become better informed about first generation Americans?

Theme: We’re no different from any other Americans. Key messages: were here to better us and our families. Recommendation: Celebrate these individuals in ways that they want to be celebrated, if at all.



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