Web Matrix

Explore a wide variety of websites and determine which ones are critical to access for being informed about health policy and those specific to your policy issue.

Attached is the web matrix template for this assignment and also some helpful resources for this assignment

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Web Matrix
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Assignment: Web Matrix


Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Analyze the interdependence of policy, finance, healthcare, nursing practice, and advocacy.
  • Evaluate the impact of organizational structure, care processes, finance, marketing, and policy decisions on healthcare quality.


In order to influence health policy, nurse leaders must be familiar with the vast number of resources available through the web environment and interactive media.  With the overwhelming amount of information available, it is important to carefully scrutinize for quality and perspective.  In this assignment, you will develop a web matrix that will be useful for general health policy information, in addition to specific resources that can be used for completing your assignments: policy briefs and policy action plans. A Website Matrix is a document that identifies websites and interactive media sources that are valuable for organizing online resources.  It will give you a more informed idea of the relevant interest groups and/ or stakeholders, organizations, professional groups, and government and non-governmental organizations related to your chosen policy issue.  The website matrix is important for developing future assignments: policy briefs and policy action plans.  It will also help you identify individuals and organizations to connect with in order to help you prepare for legislative advocacy visits such as a town hall meeting, legislator visit, state policy meetings, or a day on Capitol Hill. In Module 2 you will begin your health policy research by developing your website matrix.  The matrix should include website name, URL address, type of website (a brief description of sponsorship, content, & purpose), critique of quality, and rationale for usefulness for your issue.  Many of the websites, such as the Senate or House of Representatives, will be general and others should be directly related to your policy issue. Your Website Matrix should have a minimum of 10 sources. There are many options for inclusion. Find sites where you can gather data for use in the development of your course assignments.


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