Web 2.0

2. Joan Watson is the owner of Joan’s Gourmet Baskets, a small brick-and-mortar business that specializes in gourmet gift and picnic baskets. Joan has been keeping up with the fancy food and gourmet food trends (being a great fan of the Fancy Food Show that is held several times a year), and she thinks she should tap into this sector by creating an online business that will complement her physical business. This would make her baskets available to a wider market. She is proud of the quality of her products and the customer loyalty that she has earned through her hard work and hopes she will be able to be just as successful in the e- commerce environment.

Joan knows that she needs more information before proceeding further. She has asked you to prepare a report that answers the following questions: How will her physical business compare to her online business; that is, where will things be the same, and where will they be different? What business model should she use? What are the special challenges and obstacles she will face as she moves from traditional commerce to e-commerce? What is Web 2.0 all about and does she need to be concerned about it? She expects that you will do additional gourmet foods research to support your ideas.

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Web 2.0
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