Weather Phenomenon

Find an aviation weather-related paper topic that you find interesting. This is to be a research paper that follows APA

format. The following are the three areas that need to be addressed:

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Weather Phenomenon
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1) Discussion of weather phenomenon.

2) Related accident and/or incidents. From NTSB website

3) Types of weather avoidance, weather charts available, etc.



There must be in-text citations and references page


Title page + 3 FULL pages of content+ References page = 5 pages


-Abstract not required and does not count towards the minimum 3 full pages

-For each page short of 3 full pages, there will be a deduction of 20 points (Half a page short results in 10 point reduction).


At least 4 sources and 2 must be scholarly references such as journals, books, and similar sources

other than websites. These 2 scholarly references may be online format.

12 font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins

Do NOT write in first person (I, me, we, etc.), rather write your paper in third person (he, she, they, the

researcher, etc.)

Try to summarize and paraphrase more than direct quotes. (In other words, avoid excessive direct

quotations in your paper)

Limit to 1 block quote

(block quote is a direct quote of more than 40 words)


Do not use Wikipedia or blogs as sources

Keep your Turnitin score UNDER 20%

For the airplane accident/incident research, go to and click on the aviation accident database link.


Do not simply cite NTSB accidents throughout your paper. You may integrate relevant accidents/incidents by summarizing the key points and tying it into your



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