weather change can impact on your business

Essay (4000 words including reference list and excluding appendices). Assessment 1 constitutes 60% of your mark. You are expected to investigate a sustainability related topic of your choice and write an essay about it and its implications for businesses.   This needs to be a research on a global issue (e.g. emission controls, deforestation, poverty, water shortage, biodiversity, inequality, forced displacement).   You are going to identify the key approaches, debates, concepts and principles of sustainability in relation to the global issue you are investigating.  With a critical perspective you will evaluate implications of this global issue for businesses. In doing so you will take into consideration different value systems, different stakeholder groups and backdrop commitments to politics and economics. You need to use proper academic sources to support your work.  Your work needs to comprise:  • A title in relation to a global issue you investigate  • Up to 6 keywords related to your essay  • Desсrіption of the global sustainability issue you will investigate  • Identification of major debates, value systems, and stakeholders in relation to this global issue  • Critical analysis of the implications on the business  • Conclusion  • References ( must have over 25)  • Appendices (if necessary)  Criteria for assessment 1 • Thoroughness of understanding of the global sustainability issue                     • Critical evaluation of the major debates, antecedents and the consequences of this issue as well as the stakeholder groups involved in it.                     • Critical evaluation of the implications for business from multiple viewpoints                      • Presentation with an appropriate format, style (Harvard referencing system) and precision of writing

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weather change can impact on your business
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