Weaknesses or faults in the function, mission or role of a typical NIMS Logistics section plan

Paper details:
Much public criticism has occurred surrounding logistical issues involved in our responses to various terrorist incidents and natural disasters. Hurricane Andrew and Katrina and the 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil event come to mind. Many of the same logistics processes apply to both manmade and natural events. Your specific assistance is needed to identify and discuss two (2) weaknesses or faults in the function, mission or role of a typical NIMS Logistics section plan or NIMS focused logistical operations that in your opinion negatively affect that sections or the Commanders ability to plan and conduct a coordinated local response to a significant terrorist or natural disaster event. Review of a multiday response to a terrorist event is preferable. You may reference and discuss an event similar in scope to the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, the 911 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, Gulf Of Mexico Deepwater Horizon event, etc. You may select any CONUS based terrorist OR natural disaster event as long as you can tie specific items that you discuss to an OFFICIAL or academic quality after action report or analysis AND to NIMS logistics issues. You are to conduct appropriate online research to gather local and national facts that support your positions on these issues.
Do not discuss events relating to Hurricane Irene (August 2011) as the NIMS response to that event will not be adequately reviewed by scholars. Normally it takes 2 years plus for detailed studies of the significant events to occur and reports to be issued. You should select an incident where the response was of a sufficient duration, intensity or scope that it encountered sufficient logistical issues that were identified in competent and formal after action reports or creditable studies of the event. That means stay away from events that do not fully employ consideration of the NIMS logistical issues. The 2009 Detroit “underwear bomber” Abdulmatallab, the 1999 Columbine high school shootings, are examples of such inappropriate events. That also means stay away from the TV, newspapers, popular magazines, blogs, etc. as references.
Keep the discussion to logistical issues and insure that you tie the discussion to LOCAL(TAMPA Florida) and NIMS events. You can generally reference or describe a well known event in one – two sentences. You do not need to repeat the history of an event just to address the logistical portion of the event or response. Review the official solutions or offer your own potential solutions to the problems that you identify. Include information on logistical issue changes that NIMS, states, local communities have made in response to the events/studies. In other words what did we learn from the event? What procedure, policy, system, etc. did we change due to the event and our study of the event?

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Weaknesses or faults in the function, mission or role of a typical NIMS Logistics section plan
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