The ABPsi had to struggle with the idea of whether to be part of the APA or totally separate from it. In this regard, we are reminded of the words of the Honorable Marcus Garvey, who challenges us to remember that chance has never satisfied the hope of a suffering people. It is only through hard work, persistence, and self-reliance by which the op- pressed have ever realized the light of their own freedom. In that regard, the ABPsi up until most recently has been the only autonomous ethnic psychol- ogy association in this country. The conflict over self-determination was a quick battle as the ABPsi decided to establish its own headquarters (Washington D.C.); create its own newsletter (Psych Discourse); develop its own scholarly journal (Journal of Black Psychology); and host its own conven- tion, which meets annually each August in cities all across this country, and occasionally, internationally.

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