WAR OF 1812

Discuss about the war of 1812 and make sure you have the following:

origins of the conflict including “war hawks”

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WAR OF 1812
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the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811


years of the conflict,

“Mr. Madison’s War”,

why the war should not have occurred

William Henry Harrison

Tecumseh, Battle of the Thames

Battle of Lake Erie

Andrew Jackson

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

American sacking of  York

British burning of Washington D.C.,

Fort McHenry,

Francis Scott Key,

Hartford Convention,

Treaty of Ghent (Dec. 1814),

Slow communication between the armies

Battle of New Orleans (Jan. 1815),

status quo ante bellum,

consequences of the war

connect manifest destiny and nationalism

death of federalist party

And 8 pictures


Cite in Chicago Style with at least 2 book sources



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