WAM (Weighted Average Mark)

Part A (15 marks)
Questions 1-4 are short answer and should be answered in reference to the following:
A group of academic advisors at the University of Sydney is investigating the relationship between
students’ WAM (Weighted Average Mark) and the hours they are employed in work each week. To
investigate the issue, they surveyed 5,000 first-year and second-year students and gathered data on
their WAMs, year-level, age and average weekly time spent studying. They also asked: “How many hours
are you employed in work in a typical week?”.
Note: It is important that you define any variables you use in answering the questions below.
1) [3 marks] Write an equation that would allow you to estimate the associated effects of
employment on students’ WAMs, while controlling for other factors. You should be able to
make statements such as “Being employed for one more hour per week is estimated to change a
student’s WAM by x points.”
2) [4 marks] Propose a regression model that would allow you to test whether employment is
associated with different effects on the WAMs of first-year vs. second-year students. How would
you test the hypothesis that employment is estimated to affect first-year and second-year
students differently?
3) [4 marks] You believe students might not be correctly reporting the amount of time they are
employed. To overcome this problem, someone proposes classifying students into three
categories: Not employed (no employment at all); Part-time Employed (employed 1 – 22 hours
each week); and Full-time employed (employed 23 or more hours per week). Using those
categories, write a model that allows you to estimate the effects of employment on students’
4) [4 marks] Using the model in part (3), explain in detail how you would test the null hypothesis
that employment is not estimated to have any effect on students’ WAMs. Be very specific and
include a careful listing of degrees of freedom

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