Visitors under the COVID -19 situation

For this assignment, you are to play the role of a realtor specializing in housing for the aging. You have been asked to research housing options for Sandra. Read Sandra’s bio below. You should be as thorough as possible with your research as far as pricing, type of housing, location (city, neighborhood), amenities, fees, etc. It is preferred you do your research on-line as it is not safe for you or the aging adults to have visitors under the COVID -19 situation. I have restructured the assignment to reflect this.

Sandra is recently widowed at the age of 78. Sandra is a retired school principle with a very good retirement package from all her years working in the public school district of Los Gatos, CA (California). Sandra’s pension pays her $1,400 per month and she collects $2,345 from social security. Over the last twenty years Los Gatos has become very expensive, as the Bay Area transformed into Silicone Valley. The computer/software companies moved in, bringing lots of jobs and inflated housing costs. Sandra and her husband thought about relocating to Southern California to be closer to their daughter living in Long Beach, CA and son living in Seal Beach, CA. They love heading down south to visit with their grand children. Sandra has about $450,000.00 in the bank from the proceeds of her husband’s life insurance and various savings they did over the years.

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Visitors under the COVID -19 situation
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Sandra can sell their Los Gatos home and walk away with about $500,000.00. Sandra would like the help of her children as she ages, but does not want to be a burden. She would like to remain independent, but she has some difficulty doing things around the house because she has severe arthritis in her hands. She does not think she can handle purchasing another home but she is not sure she is comfortable renting either. She knows she will be aging and acknowledges this will probably be her last home purchase. She would like to make friends with other aging adults and find activities to keep her busy and her mind off her husband’s passing. She is still too healthy to be in a “nursing home” but what options are there in between? She does not want to be isolated on some street in an area she is a stranger, and worries about feeling safe. Her son and daughter plan to contact a realtor that specializes in senior housing to find out their recommendations. They contact you, and ask you to do some research.

What is your recommendation for Sandra?


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