Violence and the police force

Argumentative research
Make sure you understand all the criteria in this document.
Fleshing out the historical context

Since this is such a long paper, you have time to incorporate many rhetorical devices. You could, for example, begin your paper with some narrative (how do you personally connect to the material?).
e.g., when I was young, waiting for my parents to take me home from some event, my father would often had me his pack of Camel cigarettes and tell me to count the “e” s on the back. If I got the number right, he would give me a quarter. I loved his games and the fun we had. Today, games like this are being replaced by hand held electronic devices. Everyone has one and they play alone.
Or you may want to give some historical context for the topic you are talking about, i.e., the history of video games, the first crude games, or some background on the industrial food chain. This section will involve research (facts).
You might try this order:
• Narrative paragraph
• Intro paragraph, underline the thesis at the end(always)
• Historical context paragraph
Write a narrative paragraph, connecting to your topic, a historical context paragraph, where you cite from one source using MLA style of documentation(See RM chapter 19) Include your intro para. with thesis here too. POST and LABEL all 3 paragraphs here. Always UNDERLINE your thesis.
Part 2
Begin to locate sources for your paper. Please post a brief summary of the content of one of your sources for the research paper. Then cite a quote from the source, demonstrating your use of a signal phrase (For signal phrases, review this section in RM: pages 194-196, 235, 395, 245, 247, 248), then cite the source as if you were citing it for the works cited page , using the MLA guidelines for formatting (see MLA section in RM: chapter 21. )

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Violence and the police force
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