Video Blog

The purpose of video blog is to present ideas in an accessible and more informal way than in formal academic papers. Video Blogs are typically short pieces that integrate your personal experiences with analysis. Video Blogs are a great place to focus in detail on an interesting topic related to class discussion or on readings that you have not been able to bring up in class. Video Blog posts demonstrate that you have been actively reading and listening, and they often provide building blocks for more formal papers later on.

Assignment Overview

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Video Blog
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Vlogging is the video equivalent of blogging. Instead of composing and uploading text, vloggers compose videos and upload them to their Moodle. Just as in blogging, vloggers create a space where they discuss a topic or topics that are important to them. They can be informative, and/or about a specific topic.

Assignment Specifics

·       Keep vlog posts tasteful

·       Do not script vlog posts and read from prepared words

·       Use only creative commons licensed music and images

·       Between 3 – 5 minutes in length

·       When coming up with your vlog, consider the following:

o   What topics will you cover?

o   Other than fulfilling the assignment, what do you hope to learn by doing the vlog?

o   Requirements are to upload vlog posts by due date.


Develop a 3–5-minute video blog that identifies a corporation from outside your home country. Research that firm and give detail about regarding the corporate strategy, the business-level strategy for each one of its units in a given country, and functional strategy within that unit. Provide details.


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