Value Implementation Process

As it is commonly known, Alphabet Inc.’s mission is to organize information and make it accessible to the world in a way that it is useful. Similarly, their vision is to provide the access to this information with ease, in a way that the data retains its full integrity. Their core values align directly with these as it mostly pertains to doing good in the world and focusing on the user experience while creating innovative technology that can transform businesses worldwide. By integrating personal values with the organization’s fundamental principles, it ensures that employees’ behaviors are consistent with company strategies. Experts explain that the goal of evaluating the congruence of values is to diagnose and close a gap by ensuring that employees’ values align with the organization’s ideals (Gelle-Jimenez, et al., 2021).


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Value Implementation Process
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The strengths of the core values of Alphabet Inc. can be seen through the importance they put on their user base. In a traditional software or hardware company, the user and client interface are generally the base for the implementation of any project as the consumer base will be using these products. Another one of their greatest strengths is their ability to go above and beyond as it relates to performance and innovation. One of the core values omitted within their ideals is integrity, as it relates to the collection and restructuring of data. It is known that computer based systems are the target of hackers and malicious intent, security and the accessibility of secured data is one of the core values that are not mentioned.


Analysts describe the process in which a person acts upon their core values as the value implementation process. I believe this is important when making decisions and meeting new people in order to establish boundaries and secure successful outcomes. My core values are honesty, social justice, and perseverance; these core values are challenging in corporate America but also provide me with the strength necessary to tackle obstacles. Core actualization includes removing roadblocks, questioning established systems, and incorporating value into human resource management techniques (Byrtek & Dickerson, 2013). Which is why it is so important for me to share such values and actively work on creating boundaries for the things that go against these or monitor the effect that these have on daily interactions and future interests and goals.


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