Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks

1. Explain the differences between market price per share, and intrinsic value , and factors that determine the fundamental price of a stock.

2. Then, select a publicly traded company in Saudi Arabia, calculate its fundamental price per share, compare the fundamental price per share with market price per share and decide if it is underpriced, overpriced, or fairly price.

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Valuation and Characteristics of Stocks
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3. Explain why these concepts are important to business leaders in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Vision 2030.

4. Search in the Internet for an academic or industry-related article. Select an article that relates to these concepts and explain how it relates to doing business in Saudi Arabia.

5. For your discussion post,  first  summarize the article in two paragraphs, describing what you think are the most important points made by the authors . For the second step, include the reference listing with a hyperlink to the article.


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