Using Technology to Facilitate Meetings

Given the widespread availability and increasingly low cost of electronic communication, technologies

that once served to bring people together across continents and time zones are now also serving people in

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Using Technology to Facilitate Meetings
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the same geographic area. Rather than traveling (by plane, car, or even elevator within the same building)

to a central point for a face-to-face interaction, busy and cost-conscious professionals often choose to see

and hear each other via one of many different electronic interface technologies. It is important to be aware

of the dimensions of nonverbal communication that are lost in a virtual meeting compared to an in-

person meeting. Nevertheless, these technologies are a boon to today’s business organizations, and

knowing how to use them is a key skill for all job seekers. We will discuss the technologies by category,

beginning with audio-only, then audio-visual, and finally social media.


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