Using Smartphones in Your Business

Lloyd’s Construction is a 100-person demolition and carting firm in Eagan, Minnesota. This

small, family-owned business is not your typical candidate for a firm that exploits cutting-edge

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Using Smartphones in Your Business
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technology. At the suggestion of the president’s 17-year-old daughter, the firm switched to a

smartphone system that allows for integrated data entry and communication. This system

allowed the firm to reduce its routing and fuel costs by as much as 30 percent. The firm was also

able to further reduce accounting and dispatch costs. On an investment of $50,000, the firm

estimated that it saved $1 million in 2007.


All these technologies, and others, are within the reach of the small business, but careful

analysis must determine which technologies are best suited for a company. Given the speed of

digital technology development, this analysis is something that should be conducted on a

frequent basis. It is in the best interest of every small business to introduce digital technologies

into the business as quickly as is practical and affordable. There should always be an interest in

doing things better and faster. Through technology, a small business owner will be able to do so

much more: grow the business (if desired), work smarter, attract more customers, enhance

customer service, and stay ahead of the competition.

The smaller the business, the more efficient it needs to be. Digital technology can help. Digital

technologies, with their relatively low cost, ease of implementation, and power, can offer small

businesses the rare opportunity to compete with larger rivals. If smaller firms are able to fully

use the capabilities of these technologies along with exploiting their faster decision-making

cycle, they can be the ones that secure competitive advantage.


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