Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

With the use of complementary and alternative medicine, I feel there is a very wide range of data that still has not been found or prove that these methods, specifically alternative medicine, is more effective in treating or curing medical conditions. Although these ae considered to be more natural routes of treatment, there actually has been more evidence showing they are less effective than prescribed medical treatment or can lead to further complications, such as taking certain dietary supplements or start specific diets rather than medications. Although these therapies and forms of treatments may provide relief and assist with other areas during the treatment process, it can be more effective using complementary medicine as it is used in conjunction with evidence- based research, rather than completely refusing treatments. Reasons I feel it would be acceptable is if these prescribed treatments were attempted and not successful; therefore, it is instead used to slow progression or relieve symptoms of certain conditions. For instance, for a patient with a history of cancer that may have relapsed and metastasized, using alternative or complementary medicine could be beneficially in providing comfort.

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Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
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