United States Transport Command Challenges

United States Transport Command Challenges

Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSOI) is an involved process responsible for interpreting Future Deployment Operations. Most nations could not stabilize and gain effective control over the process. The Military perceives RSOI as transforming the arrivals of individuals and equipment into forces that can effectively realize the operational requirements. This paper outlines the United States Transport Command (USTRANCOM) challenges during RSOI under the Defense Support of Civil Authorities. Furthermore, this paper provides possible solutions to avoiding the challenges. United States Transport Command has faced the challenge in Public Affairs, Securing the Airports, the Effectiveness of the Crew in management of Safety Airlifts, and the stability as far as absorbing the dangers of terrorism.

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United States Transport Command Challenges
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Contractor Management

Contractor management is a challenge that affects the RSOI process, and the United States Command needs to be sensitive to the effective implementation of a safety plan. Contractor movement involves integrating and overseeing the personnel and all the equipment associated with the process. The equipment applies to the personals and strictly dispenses the military operations. The movement in the contract involves planning, deployment, or redeployment, in theater management and protection of the force. Transport Command discharges the duty in compliance with the need to work with Defense Security Cooperation Agency and support the Civil Authority (Richelson, 2018). Integrating the three interrelated operational contracts in support of the functions is challenging for Transco.


Prevalence of potential threats to the safety and peace of the citizens in the United States calls for attention from the relevant authorities. Armed forces designed the Joint Operations Doctrine to serve the needs of the Citizens as far as the transit of goods, services, and people. The joint operations, founded on war-fighting philosophies and the experience-derived theory. USTRANSCOM’s efforts need to lean on the principle of war and the fundamentals of joint warfare. The doctrine has prescribed functionalism and essentialism of the process in the Doctrine for the Army in the United States. They may associate the joint effort as the solution source with a revolutionary idea for going through the RSOI process. The practical implementation will translate to the shift in the effective rates in the RSOI process.

The capacity of the Joint Forces to work cohesively is a key to an operational environment. The threats are explicit within the limits of the land transport, but both air and sea lifts share the risk involved. Challenges in explanation execution planning, essential planning for the Cargo and related concepts, and protection through operations security accompany interference. In most incidences, the Automatic Planning Tools are. We should commit the United States Transport Command to employ Sealift, including support for communications. The acquisition vessel and the Activation process remain well defined through the mission statements and structure of Command for some of the sensitive activities (Isreal, 2019). The situation or the prevalent fact does not undermine the efforts of the United States Transport Command but highlights some areas where the body has not been yielding the best.



Proactive Prevention of the Challenge

Information is the best source of power, and the awareness of the shortcomings enables Transco to be on its toes in assuring safety throughout the RSOI process. The success of the proactive prevention approach to the challenge calls for the improvement of joint operations in Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration. For example, the Marine Transport, the Sealift transport structure, should exist in a four-process structure. First, the Transco should determine the cargo and sustainment requirements in the transit. The requirements need to exist in the Unit of Measure.

A preventive approach is the Best Course of action regarding security issues. Initial results may be good, but the process is corrupt, and in most incidences, the flawed process ruins the outcome. Transport Command should keep the Planning and Execution Systems updated. Relevant agencies need to cooperate in developing the infrastructure and supporting the development projects. The projects will yield the best through highlighting the relevance of addressing the support of the host nation during the time of peace. The endeavor should strive for established common words for the RSOI operations (Archambault, 2019). Theatre Level organizations for RSOI should also endure planning for the execution of the RSOI operations. Communication lines should thrive to ensure effective delivery of services. The joint operations are healthy in weighing the potential and predicting the capabilities of the United States Military.





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