Unintentional Injuries Research Brief

The intent of your effort is to alert Troop B communities about unintentional injuries. When doing this be sure to include Bureau of Labor Statistics- Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities data associated with Troop B and consider confounding characteristics associated with these injuries. Please see the Announcements for the specific topic focus as this will change seasonally.

The research briefs should be aimed at parks and recreation professionals or health care professionals. You should assume these professionals have at least a two year degree, five years of experience in the field and are at a 12th grade reading level. The research brief must discuss the research and findings of primary research. Be sure to include a full link to the journal article you are reviewing within the text of the research brief. Additional resources can be included with the 2- page research brief or on a separate page. One QR code needs to be included. The QR code can be linked directly to the article or any resource that you think would benefit your target audience.

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Unintentional Injuries Research Brief
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