Uninsured Pregnant Women

Medicaid insurance does not provide coverage for everyone unless the state expanded traditional coverage

The Three W’s of Government Health Insurance: Who? What? Why?

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Uninsured Pregnant Women
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Who is Categorically Eligible for Medical Insurance?

Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries:

1 out of 4 of the Medicaid insured are seriously disabled and receiving Medicare benefits

This population group accounts for more than 70% of the nation’s Medicaid insurance spending

Severely Disabled Children and Adults:

Medicaid insurance provides health insurance coverage for people with physical and mental disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Uninsured Pregnant Women:

Medicaid insurance provides access to prenatal care and neonatal intensive care for eligible women and their babies

The Three W’s of Government Health Insurance: Who? What? Why?

What Medicaid Insurance is Required?

There is no national consensus of the 3 W’s of Medicaid insurance:


Who is deserving of financial assistance?

What health care costs should be covered?

Why should the government be involved in the first place?



The demand for broader state accountability is a constant theme for Medicaid insurance as the 3 W’s are debated


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