Uniform Sentencing

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Amy’s post:

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Uniform Sentencing
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I do not think all felonies should have to report their crimes to any prospective employer that asks. I think it should be based on if that job has something to do with their crime. Like if a person that rob banks trying to apply for a job as a bank teller with multiple robberies on their criminal record. Yes they need to report this to the employer as the bank would be taking a potential risk to hire this person. But if the person is applying to be a bank teller and they have a dwi on their criminal record, I do not think that has to be reported because this person dwi has nothing to do with the job they are applying for. If people with criminal histories in their past are not given a second chance, they will jus continue to break laws to acquire money to suppose their families, so there has to be some kind of chance given to them. So, I feel they should only have to report their crimes if it is a risk to the business.


Daja’s post:


Some have suggested that uniform sentencing could help reduce or eliminate the unequal outcomes experienced by members of different groups in the criminal justice system. What do you think? What would be the positives and negatives of uniform sentencing?


I think this suggestion is true. If uniform sentencing was set into place it would eliminate or reduce unequal outcomes of minority groups. If uniform sentencing was put into place there would be no room for unfair treatment, because everyone would be getting the same punishment for the same crime. following uniform sentencing could make things easier on people who work in the criminal justice system. Only downfall is that not every crime is committed the same. Some repeat offenders or offenders who show “no mercy” when committing their crime should get harsh punishment. With uniform sentencing it would make that hard to do. this would leave judges, lawyers, and jurors at a stand still one what a real punishment should be for that crime. there are lots of pros and cons when it comes to this matter. I honestly think that uniform crime should be used in similar offenses that are committed the same such as petty theft. Bigger crimes such as murder should be treated on a case by case basis.


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