Unethical Decisions

The purpose of this paper is to help you understand the process people may go through when making unethical decisions. Often times, good people go down the wrong path and we ask ourselves, “How did this happen?” and “Are they just bad people or good people who made bad decisions?”

Research the highly publicized Rampart scandal involving the Los Angeles Police Department. Conduct your own independent research and learn as much as you can about the Rampart incident and the officers involved (you can find a lot of information online).

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Unethical Decisions
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Here are the guidelines for your paper:

1. Write a 4 page paper, APA format

2. Briefly summarize the Rampart scandal (no more than 1/4 of your paper). The main focus of your paper is the analysis.

3. Use the information from your module readings to answer the question, “Why did the officers act unethically?” You are welcome to focus on individual officers or you can analyze the group as a unit.

4. Consider AT LEAST THREE ETHICAL THEORIES FROM THE MODULE READINGS. For example, you can argue that the officers were focused on teleology, because (explain why), however, they failed to consider deontology (and explain why).

Note: This is a formal paper, thus, you must include the following: title page, introduction, body of your paper, conclusion, reference page.

5. For assistance with citing according to the APA format.


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