Unemployment: The Dashing of the Dream

Causes economic and psychological consequences

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, and irritable
  • Self-confidence and concentration may plummet
  • Sometimes depression and/or suicide
  • For many workers, unemployment is a hard reality of life, and the implications of not being able to find work are as much psychological as they are economic.
  • For those who have been fired, laid-off by corporate downsizing, or forced out of jobs by technological advances, being out of work can be psychologically and even physically devastating.
  • Every time the unemployment rate goes up 1 percent, there is a 4 percent rise in suicide, and admissions to psychiatric facilities go up by some 4 percent for men and 2 percent for women.

Leisure time

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Unemployment: The Dashing of the Dream
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  • Leisure activities
  • Average number of hours
  • Nature of activities
  • Pace of life differs across countries
  • Most middle-aged adults have 70 hours a week for leisure time.
  • Average middle-aged person watches 15 hours of TV per week.
  • Adults spend about 6 hours a week socializing.
  • Some turn to charity, or community organizations.
  • Life is faster-paced in the U.S. than in many other countries, with the exception of Japan and Western European countries.

When Mom Goes to Work…Hey, What Do You Think She Has Been Doing At Home All Those Years?

  • 65 percent of women between ages of 50 and 60 (80 percent of those who graduated from college) are now in the workforce
  • Three-quarters are in full-time jobs


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